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Sound therapy wit Singing Bowls - Course 1

With this 6 hour Workshop you will learn to play Singing Bowls in different ways. You will learn its great benefits and how to use them to heal you and your loved ones.

Reiki Level 1,2 and Master

Reiki training is distributed at different levels. Each level is independent so there is no obligation to do the complete training. It is a serious and rigorous training in which we put emphasis on the student's personal development.

Taller Aprende a Respirar Fuerteventura | Elevate

Pranayam Level 1 - Re-learn to breathe

When the breath is irregular, the mind oscillates, when the breath is steady, so is the mind. You will learn several breathing techniques that you can easily apply to your daily life.

El arte del contacto.png

The art of contact

Learn how to give a massage with no effor, using shiatsu technics, yin yoga, soundtherapy and mindfulness.

Available weekends in August 2023

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