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Integral Therapy because when a person asks me for help I think it is fundamental, take into account all the aspects that constitute it as lifestyle, food, posture, breathing, analytics, the zodiac sign etc.; to obtain a complete, integral panorama of the person. When we have a problem, or, rather, when we have a situation that causes us stress and anxiety we must take into account all the elements to reach the solution of the easiest and fastest way that is not to turn off the symptom with a drug.

For this to be possible, it is essential to have the support of other therapists who can cover sectors that I do not master; that there is easy communication, exchange and collaboration.


​Eva Babbini Conti

  • 2002-2006 Master Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho with Master Isabella Conti

  • 2007 Training in chrono reflexology with neurologist Giuseppe Calligaris: The body Remember: Temporal memories of the spine- Italy

  • 2007-2008 Training level 1 Bach Flowers - Bach Center, Valesco, CO, Italy

  • 2009 Training course on women’s power with writer and teacher Hernán Huarache Mamani

  • 2011-2012 Yin Yoga training 200 h - Padma Studio - La Spezia, Italy

  • 2015 Hatha Yoga training 200 h - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2016-2017 Training in Sonotherapy - With Rafa Monsonis and Román Garcia Lampaya

  • 2017-2018 Training RYS 500 Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga 300h- Rishikesh, India

  • 2018 Course Massage Abhyanga - Rishikesh, India

  • 2019 Training course with teacher Xuan Lan of Vinyasa Yoga for teachers level 1 & 2

  • 2019 Yoga specialization course for the elderly - Yogaia School, Gran Canaria, Spain

  • 2019 Yoga specialization course for cancer patients - Yogaia School, Gran Canaria, Spain

  • 2022 Diploma training "Expert in intermittent fasting" - INIB Institute of Integrative Naturopathy and Bioregulation with Aleix Pamies

  • 2022 Course "Seawater and marine therapy" - INIB Institute of Integrative Naturopathy and Bioregulation with Aleix Pámies

  • 2022 Workshop medicinal plants for cancer patients - Garden Pamiés, Lleida, Balaguer

  • 2023 Official Course 20 hs TCTSY, Trauma Sensitive Yoga with registered teachers Carolina Frontini and Kristal Pérez.


  • Firm will to recover the popular knowledge of healing

with natural methods that previous generations used and that we are losing. Return to the origins starting with a correct breathing, a conscious diet, respect for the earth, knowledge of medicinal plants, the return to natural therapies, use sound as a cure, observe the planets etc.

  • Promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle

Raise people’s awareness to adopt a healthy and balanced diet and a more dynamic lifestyle, as first measures of disease prevention

  • Share knowledge

When you participate in something that you believe for yourself, whether it is a garden, preparing a natural remedy, doing Reiki, breathing correctly, you are creating a transforming energy in itself.

Self-sufficiency feeds your self-esteem, increases your maturity and can even change the meaning of your life.

  •  Respond to the system

Respond with facts to the lack of ethics of some multinationals who are not interested in pharmaceutical advances completely eradicating certain diseases and who direct research to chronicle the disease rather than cure it.

Eva Babbini Terapeuta
Baño Sonoro Corralejo
Curso de masale  Bajar la MAdre/el pomo Elevate yoga y sonido
Retiro Yogay Sonido Italia 2023
Retro del bienestar , Toscana - Italia
Reiki Corralejo
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